• Our wine-growing practices

The elaboration of a wine begins in the vineyard, in the heart of the nature and is finalized in the cellar, where the winemaker can express his know-how and the passion for his work.


The vineyard work and its cultivation is essential for us. Only a close and careful observation of the vines enables to preserve the quality of the grapes, vintage after vintage. Our soils are ploughed or grassed regularly in order to enhance soil life and to allow a better rootage of our vines. We carry out all the works in the vineyard ourselves (pruning, disbudding, tying-up,.…). This close daily contact allows us to limit the number of phytosanitary treatments (integrated wine growing methods).

The harvest time is coming…

Before the date of the harvest, grape berry samplings are done several times in our 22 vineyard plots, in order to follow the development of the maturing process. As soon as the grapes are harvested, they are delicately pressed in order to preserve all the aromatic potential.

…and then the vinification

Our cellar is built on three levels so that we can use gravity, thus limiting the different pumping operations, which can cause phenomena of oxidation. After the settling of the juices, the alcoholic fermentations are conducted in thermoregulated stainless steel tanks during three to five weeks : a maximum temperature of 17°C is maintained to preserve the fruity aromas of the wine. Then the wine is raised on its fine lees for three to six months. We define the duration of this maturation during the weekly tastings.

The wines are then racked and blended in order to obtain a result meeting your expectations.