• The « Pouilly Fumé » Vineyard

During the Gallo-Roman time, the Benedictine monks have planted vines on the sides of the Loire in Pouilly sur Loire. In this area, the Sauvignon grape-variety found its “promised land”. The terroirs of the appellation magnifie the expression and the flavours of the grapes.


If the Sauvignon is king in Pouilly-sur-Loire, the Loire is its queen. The climatic influence of the river contributes to the excellence of our wines, as well as the diversity of the terroirs : Limestone, Kimmeridgian Marls and Flint : fruitiness, aromatic strength and minerality.

This soils diversity, as well as the work and the passion of the winegrower, allow to offer a wide range of taste sensations.

Since 1937, there are two controlled appellations in the vineyard of Pouilly-sur-Loire :

The Chasselas grape-variety produces the wine “Pouilly sur Loire”, with a nice vivacity and notes of hazelnuts. Nowadays, only 25 hectares of Chasselas are cultivated over the entire vineyard which represents 1350 hectares.

The Sauvignon grape-variety produces the wine “Pouilly Fumé”, also called “Blanc Fumé de Pouilly”, and served on tables all around the world. What is the origin of the name ”Pouilly Fumé”? Is there any secret alchemy transmitted between winegrowers from generation to generation ? It seems that the word “Fumé” comes from the thin grey rot recovering the sauvignon grapes when they have reached the perfect maturity. During the harvest, a slight smoke cloud formed over the harvesters’ back-baskets… This can also be the kind of smoke veil (voile de “fumée”) which reconciles us with the word after a few glasses of this noble wine.